Why you should buy a beauty subscription box (and why you should not)

We all know beauty boxes are awesome.

But it seems like they’ve become more popular as of late.

In fact, according to a new survey by beauty subscription company BeautyBox, people are using them more and more to try on and purchase the same beauty products they used to buy online.

This is pretty scary, because you might be surprised at how many beauty products people actually use them for.

“They’re becoming so common as a way of getting a feel for the beauty industry,” says Jessica Chiu, BeautyBox CEO.

“It’s definitely a trend.

I think we’ll be seeing more and so many different types of beauty subscription plans.

There are so many beauty subscription companies now.

It’s a whole different set of challenges.”

Here are some of the best beauty subscription brands, including brands that have recently been gaining popularity.


Beauty Boxes &gifts: This subscription box, created by makeup artist, model and makeup artist Sarah Chiang, has over 200 products, including eyelash extensions, brow brushes, mascara, and more.

It also has an extensive beauty section.


BeautyBox: The beauty box is a great way to check out makeup and skin care.

With over 60 different brands in its box, the beauty box can be a great place to get a new makeup product or a skin care item to make your skin feel more hydrated.


Sephora: The best makeup and beauty subscription shop in the world, Sephort is an online store with over 10,000 products.

It even has a beauty box!


BeautyBundle: BeautyBasket is the perfect way to get new products.

Its beauty box has over 20 products and comes with over 30 beauty items.


BeautyCoupons: This beauty subscription site lets you find coupons for cosmetics, hair and nail care products, and even skincare items.

It has a $5 beauty coupon that you can use for an entire month.


Birchbox: You can also use the Birchbox Beauty Box to check-in with friends and get free shipping and free shipping on all your Birchbox items.


Beautybox Plus: This is the best way to make money with the BeautyBox Plus, a $10 subscription that gives you all of the perks from the Beauty Box plus, plus a $20 beauty coupon.


BeautyPulse: This online beauty subscription service lets you buy everything from nail care to eyebrow pencils, blush and eyelash products, blush brushes, makeup, lip products, nail polish, and lip tint products.


Alyssa: Alyssia’s beauty subscription offers everything from foundation to lipsticks, lip glosses, and body and hair products.


BeautyPop: This box will allow you to pick from over 60,000 makeup products.

You’ll get a full-size sample of every product.


Birch Box: The Birch Box is the most popular beauty subscription website in the US, with over 6 million members.

You can buy products from over 200,000 beauty brands.


Cosmo Box: This site allows you to try different beauty products and also lets you get $5 off the price of your entire subscription.


Ulta Beauty Box: Ulta is the world’s largest beauty subscription store with more than 12 million members and over 2,000,000 items.

Ultabay is the ultimate beauty box for the money, and is a $35 beauty subscription.


BeautyBliss: This cosmetics box offers free shipping for orders over $20.

It is one of the biggest beauty subscription websites in the United States.


Bumble: This makeup subscription website allows you get free and discounted beauty products from more than a dozen of the most recognized beauty brands, such as A.P.C., Benefit, CoverGirl, Clinique, Dior, Durex, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal, MAC, New Look, NARS, Nyx, Urban Decay, Valentino, and Zoya.


SkinCoupon: This skin coupon site lets people redeem up to a $25 skin coupon.


BirchBox: This women’s beauty box comes with a full size of over 100 makeup products and a beauty coupon to give you a discount for every $10 you spend.


Birchie: This lipstick subscription box comes complete with 10 shades, a makeup brush, lip balm, and a free shipping coupon.


Skinbox: This website lets you shop beauty products at different prices and has over 70,000 members.


SepHort: SepHorts is the biggest women’s subscription company in the country.

The website is filled with beauty products that are well-known for their high-quality and affordable prices.


Beauty Basket: This BeautyBaskets beauty box offers all of your beauty essentials

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