A baby bird box decorates the front of a nursery window planters

By now, the name of this cute little box is probably familiar to many of you.

We can’t remember where we got it, but this baby bird is so cute, we wanted to make sure it made an appearance. 

It’s been on the shelf for over a month now, and I have to say that it’s become a favorite for many of us. 

But what makes it even more cute is that we love it so much that we are now putting it on our own decorating walls. 

The decorator behind the design, Katie and Scott Gilder, said, “The bird is one of those things that can look so cute and just disappear from the home in a flash, but it can also be such a powerful tool.

When you look at it from a child’s perspective, it is a symbol of love, safety, and hope for the future.

It also makes an excellent centerpiece for a window planer box, which is an awesome way to decorate a window without clutter or clutter in your home.” 

 What to do with the bird boxWhile there are plenty of different options for decorating the bird, the idea of putting it in your window planers is probably the most appealing for us.

They have a simple, flat shape, and you can use it as a decoration for any number of different wall decorations, such as a wall hangings, or an art piece. 

Gilder added,  “You can decorate it with a lot of different colors and shapes, or you can make it a little bird with a little little bit of text on it.

It’s just a great way to let kids know that they are loved and protected, and that they will have their own space to play, have fun, and be themselves.” “

This bird box will make a great addition to any room in your house.

It’s just a great way to let kids know that they are loved and protected, and that they will have their own space to play, have fun, and be themselves.” 

 The idea of using the bird as a decorator was the brainchild of the parents of a young child, and the couple are excited about the idea. 

According to Katie, The idea for this bird box came to the couple when they were preparing for the holidays. 

They were able to see a couple’s holiday plans and decided to put the box in their home. 

I love the idea that the baby bird, which was originally intended to be for a baby, was going to be a decoration in a window, and Katie explained that, “It really doesn.

When the little bird was first put in the window planner, we were pretty excited because it meant so much to the little girl, and she was so excited to see the baby, and we had a good laugh about it.” 

The couple is hoping that this bird will help raise awareness for the issues faced by children who are homeless and have limited opportunities to be seen, which are often times the most challenging aspects of the lives of young children. 

You can find more information on this project here: The Bird Box in a Window Planters Image source Katie and Scott Gildor (Photo Credit: Katie and Stacey Gildinger)  More Baby Bird Box decorating ideasWe are always looking for new ways to help others in our community, so we wanted that the Baby Bird box, as well as all of the other baby bird boxes, are being shared on social media. 

In order to do so, Katie and Scott shared with us a few other projects they are doing to help raise funds for various causes. 

One of the ways they are working on is raising money to help with a special education program for homeless children.

Katie explained, We have this program that we run called The First Aid Project, and it helps homeless children learn to recognize signs of abuse and neglect.

We had a group of homeless children who were going to come in and be trained, and one of the children in the program was in need of a new toy for her preschool class, so she had to give her toys away to make a donation to our program. 

We wanted to help her get her new toy, and so we asked her to donate her old toy as a donation. 

She said that she could have donated the old toy to the program, but she was worried that if she donated it, the program wouldn’t be able to take it in. 

So she gave her old stuffed animal a new name, and when she came back home, she gave it to us.

So we are going to use the same technique, but we are using a different name for this new toy. 

This new toy is the bird and its a symbol for Hope.

She also added that, For the baby in this story, we had her say that she was afraid to open the

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