Fuse: The House of Cards is making $7.8 million this weekend, but its first two days are a total disaster

The House Of Cards is on the upswing.

The $70 million thriller has made $7,837,078 worldwide.

The weekend’s top three films, The Revenant, Deadpool and The Big Short, are all in the top 10, and The Boss Baby is making its third weekend in the $25 million-$30 million range.

That’s a total of $27.5 million, a figure that includes the $1.9 million the film earned from Thursday-night previews.

With just a week to go, the studio is confident the film will be the No. 1 grosser of the weekend.

The House is also making $2.6 million in its third day, which is good for a new best of $20.6M weekend.

That would rank it fourth behind Disney’s Frozen ($17.3M), Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron ($23.2M) and Paramount’s Transformers: Age Of Extinction ($25.2m).

The $10.4 million it earned from Friday-night shows is its best weekend performance of the year.

And while that figure doesn’t include the $9.8M it made from Friday previews, that’s the same number of theaters where The Boss was released.

The movie has earned a B CinemaScore, making it one of the best-reviewed movies of the summer.

It’s the second film to earn a B, after Sony’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story earned an A last week.

House of Cars will continue to top the charts, with a $8.4M opening weekend, and will likely hold onto the No 1 spot in its fourth weekend.

It should be in line for another $40 million for the weekend, making for a total $68.4m.

This is the first time the film has grossed $30M.

Fox has had two of its three films to make it to $50M, but it has yet to do so this summer.

The third installment of The Boss is expected to earn $60 million.

The film has made a lot of money overseas, but is only earning $15.2 million domestically, according to the studio.

The studio is also targeting a $15M international cume for the film, with China set to earn about $2M.

While its international total is low, it is expected for the worldwide total to be about $75M.

It will be interesting to see how this plays in its first week.

In its second week, the movie has grosses about $40.8m and will make about $30.2.

The only film that came close was The Re-Animator, which earned $44.2 M from Thursday previews.

And Fox is hoping its sequel, The Florida Project, will do even better with $45M from Friday shows.

The company also has a huge number of domestic openings, but those are likely to be short-lived.

The second weekend is looking to be an outlier, as it’s the only one that has grossing less than $10M.

The last time The House was this strong was back in 2009.

Fox was able to capitalize on that by bringing back the beloved original cast.

It earned $37.8 Million for a $72.5M total.

That was the biggest opening of any studio release of the decade, and Fox is looking for another big weekend.

In that regard, it looks like it’s going to be a different film.

Fox’s The Florida Projecs will be out on Friday, July 14.

The other film that should see a boost is Warner Bros.’

Wonder Woman, which has the third-biggest opening of the season at $28.5m.

The sequel has earned about $16M so far and is expected on top of the $26.3 million it made in its opening weekend.

This film has earned the No