A mystery box truck that looks like a white box and can deliver a surprise is ready to be delivered

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Source TechCrunch article A mystery truck that looked and sounded like a blue box truck could be delivered on December 5, according to a report from TechCrunch.

The truck has been on display in a warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts for two weeks.

The box truck has a trailer that can haul a package, according a tweet by the company.

It’s also available for pre-order.

The mystery box has a built-in speaker and comes with a trailer and a power cable.

The boxes have a built in speaker and a speaker.

And a built In-Vehicle Remote Control.

It also comes with an iPad Pro with Touch ID.

It was first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, but the company said its not available in the United States.

It comes with the built-up box.

The vehicle is made by a company called Sixtor.

It has been in the news recently due to the fire at the California-based electronics retailer Best Buy, and the company has said it has been unable to find the company’s owners.

According to the report, the box truck can be used for deliveries of $15 to $50 per truck.

It can also deliver packages in 2-5 days.