How to get your life back: ‘I can’t believe I’m living on a shoestring’

A new shipment of life-saving shoes arrived at Melbourne’s CBD this week, but the shipment was not all it was cracked up to be.

Read moreRead more: Bags full of shoes arrive for the homeless people who live in the CBDEvery month, hundreds of homeless people use the Melbourne CBD for temporary shelter, a temporary space to sleep or a place to eat.

But this week’s shipment of shoes was not meant to last for very long.

“It was packed up and we were all very excited,” said a homeless man who wished to remain anonymous.

“When I got home and saw the package I was a little bit overwhelmed.

I couldn’t believe it.”

The man said he had a friend who had been living on the street for over a year.

“She was really struggling, she couldn’t get on with her life,” he said.

“So she decided to just put everything in the box, put everything away and leave it all to the gods.”

I had to ask her what was in there and she said the clothes.

“It’s so cute.”

It was then that the man realised he had found the perfect gift.

“A huge box full of stuff,” he laughed.

The man also wanted to thank his neighbour, who he said had donated the shoes.

“The lady who lives down the street, she gave me a couple of pairs and I was so excited,” he explained.

“Then I was like, ‘Wow, I’m so glad I got that’,” he said, laughing.

“That was my first big gift from a neighbour, she’s a really good person.”

He added that he wanted to give back to his community by donating some of the shoes to the homeless charity Stolen Shoes.

The Stolen Boots website provides tips on how to find homeless people, help them and provide a safe haven.

A spokeswoman for Stolen said the shoes were sent to the Melbourne Homeless Alliance to be given away to the needy.

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