Asian boxers, boxing, boxers in the ring: what to expect from Rio de Janeiro 2018

The boxers of Asia and other regions are set to make their way to Rio de Paulo in August. 

This year’s World Boxing Organization (WBO) is in the midst of its biggest-ever event and it is expected that the two events will be the biggest in boxing history. 

The first will be held in a country which has never hosted a World Boxing title event. 

“I think there is no doubt in my mind that the fight for the WBO title will be huge in terms of excitement,” said Paul Beresford, senior vice president and general manager of the WBA.

“The whole sport is on fire in Asia and we are seeing it with all the big names coming out. 

It will be a huge day for the sport. 

In the last couple of years, we have seen so many great names coming to Brazil and we will be seeing some great fights in Rio.” 

The WBA also expects to see an increase in ticket sales for the two tournaments. 

Tickets for the first WBA event in China are expected to sell out in under an hour and tickets for the second in Taiwan are expected sell out the same time. 

However, the WBC and WBO have not ruled out a third event in Rio, despite the recent announcement that China has already hosted two. 

Chinese boxer Zhang Guojun, who is currently ranked fifth in the world, will be on hand for both events. 

Beresford believes the WBR will be able to secure more than 2,000 tickets for both tournaments, as well as some sponsorship. 

Both the WMBU and WBA are hoping to build on the success of the two previous events and continue to develop the sport in China. 

There is also talk that the WBBO could make a return to Beijing in the future. 

For Beresfield, the focus will be to build the sport here in Asia. 

China’s domestic boxing scene is very active and with the recent rise of the Chinese boxing circuit and increasing interest from international promoters, the sport is poised to see some great names show up at WBO events.

“China is the biggest market for boxing and the biggest opportunity to showcase the sport and we need to take advantage of that,” he said. 

With the World Boxing Championships being held in 2019 in Rio de Sao Paulo, the two will be set to play a major part in the domestic boxing market. 

Currently, only the WBN and WBBT are scheduled to have their events in Brazil, with the WBL being set to return to China.

Beresfield said the WBS will have the first event in Hong Kong next month.

He said that if WBO-WBO ties go ahead, they will play a part in organising the event in the WNBA.

While there will be some major differences between the WBox and WMBW, there is a chance that the new WBO will see some of the same players. 

As for the international tournaments, Beresforn said that the three WBA titles will be contested at least once a year. 

While the WBOX will play the WBW in 2019, there are also plans to have a WBA-WBC clash in 2021. 

After that, there will only be two international events a year: the WGB in 2020 and the WBP in 2021, with only one event each for the IBF and WBC. 

Bresford also revealed that the first Asian event will be in Beijing in 2021 with the second event being in Taipei in 2021 and the third in Jakarta in 2022.

As for China, Bereford said that he was confident that the country would be able take the WBU, WBA and WBOX events.

“The Chinese boxing scene has grown so much over the past five years and I am confident that we will see more Chinese boxers show up for the next WBO event,” he explained.

“As a country that has seen so much growth, we will have to be more careful in what we say and what we do. 

At the same, I think that the sport will grow in China because of the success that the Chinese boxer scene has had in the last few years.” 

 The 2018 event is expected to attract more than 30,000 people for both the WBTB and WBR, with some of them likely to come from China.