How to make wine boxes with wine boxes in India

Here are the steps to making a wine box with wine bottles.

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It will work with any wine container, and also wine boxes, though the bottles will only be held in one position.

The first step is to cut the tops of the wine bottles to fit the wine box.

We cut the sides of a large wine bottle so that the sides are facing away from the top of the box.

To avoid any damage to the wine bottle during shipping, we place the wine container in a cardboard box and leave it at home.

Next, we make the wine boxes.

To do so, we take a large piece of cardboard and use it to cut out the openings.

We cut out a wine bottle with an opening on the side.

The lid is cut to fit around the wine.

The lid of the lid is then cut to the size of the container.

The bottle has a hole drilled in it, so the bottle has to be filled with wine to work.

A screw is then attached to the top and a piece of metal is attached to it.

A piece of paper is then taped around the bottle.

The wine box is then placed in the wine fridge.

The bottle is then filled with a glass of wine.

This is done with a fork and spoon, and the wine is poured into the wine refrigerator.

The wine bottles are then removed from the wine refrigeration and placed in another wine box to continue working.

The bottom of the bottle is cut off to make room for the wine inside.

Next comes the process of storing the wine and the bottle in the box, which is quite simple.

We first place the bottles in the cardboard box, and then we place them in the fridge for 2-3 days.

We store the wine in the bottle at room temperature.

The next step is the storage of the bottles.

To ensure the bottles stay cool, we keep them in a plastic bag for 1-2 days before storing them in an airtight container.

When the bottles are in the refrigerator, we then place them back into the box and keep them sealed for at least a week.

The box is put away to cool.

The last step is storing the bottles for use in the home.

To store them in such a way, we use a plastic storage bag, and place it in the freezer.

The plastic storage bags are then put away for 1 week before using them to store the bottles, and again for 1 month.

The bottles are stored in the plastic bags for another month, before being used in the kitchen.

The storage time is then extended to 3 months.

When used in an area with limited access to water, these wine boxes are perfect for use on a small scale.

The containers can be easily cleaned by hand, and can be stored for several months.

We recommend using the wine containers in large wine festivals.