A bird box that can kill you with its sharp claws and teeth is on sale in Delhi’s Parel district

A bird-shaped monster is available for sale in the Parel town of Dhanbad in the heart of Delhi’s old city, and you can buy one at a cost of Rs 6,500.

The monster is made of wood and can be purchased for Rs 6.5 lakhs.

A photo posted by @waz_kamal on Aug 5, 2017 at 11:56am PDT A bird is a beautiful thing.

The bird box is an old one, with a large hole on the bottom.

It is called a bird box and it is designed to kill your pets, says the owner.

The monster comes with a bird, two legs, wings and a tail.

It can kill a pet within an hour, the seller says.

It can kill your cats within 15 minutes and dogs within three hours, the man says.

“It can even kill your dog,” he says.

The buyer has posted a photo on social media of the bird box.

He says it can kill cats, but does not want to say exactly what it can do.

“If you do not want the monster, you can remove the bird from the box.

The cat will not go inside,” the seller tells NDTV.

The seller claims that the monster has been used in the past, but he did not have a record of it being used.

“We have only seen the monster in pictures,” he said.

The bird-monster can be found in Parel on a small, narrow plot of land.

A small shop sells the monster for Rs 3,500 each, while a bigger shop sells for Rs 5,000 each.

The shopkeeper, who is not identified, told NDTV that the bird is used for domestic pets and has a range of colours, such as brown, red and orange.

“The monster does not kill pets.

But it does have sharp claws.

It cannot eat.

It has a tail,” he added.

He says that if you have a pet, the monster can kill it.

The owner has asked that NDTV refrain from making any more photos of the monster.

The owner of the shop, who has not given his name, says he had been selling the bird for a long time.

“There are two owners.

I was working in the business for 10 years.

Then I went to the police station, and the police said they would take care of the issue.

They gave me a few days to remove the monster from the premises,” he told NDtv.

“After that, the shop owner removed the monster,” he adds.