How to buy a mail box in the US

The US Postal Service has launched a new service that allows customers to get their mail delivered in the box they own, rather than through a courier company., which launched in the UK earlier this month, allows customers in select cities to buy boxes online, pay a small deposit, and then get their boxes delivered within 30 minutes.

Customers can choose from a variety of mail-ordering services, such as the US Postal Rate Post, which will deliver your parcel to your door, or the UK’s Post Offender, which delivers your parcel by post. charges a monthly fee, but it says customers can keep paying the fee to keep their boxes secure and organized, and to avoid mail fraud.

The service is also designed to help people with limited internet access.

Mail’s main service is to send mail to people in your area, but the company also offers delivery of boxes from the US, Australia, and Germany, as well as other countries around the world.

The website says that a mail delivery service will be added to the US service later this year, with the US version to launch next year.