When men are happy, women are too!

From The Financial Post: “When men are joyful and women are happy,” that’s a mantra that’s been drilled into me by a slew of women I’ve known.

I’ve been on a quest to understand what that translates into.

What it’s like to be a man who is a happy person, and a woman who is happy, and how does it work?

Here’s what I’ve found.


Happy men are not selfish.

Happy, confident men are a lot like happy women.

They’re comfortable, ambitious, driven and want to make a difference.

That’s it.

They don’t need anyone else’s approval to do it.

And that’s what makes them happy.


Happy women are not self-centered.

When I asked women to share their biggest takeaways from the interview process, one thing they all shared was that the women I talked to all felt like they had the ability to be their own boss.

They felt confident in their own abilities and could make their own decisions about the work they do and what they want to achieve.

That confidence makes them happier than the women in the room who didn’t feel confident in themselves.

When women feel that way, they are more likely to share what they’re working on with their managers and bosses and get results.


Happy people are not greedy.

When it comes to getting results, I’ve always found men who are super happy to work hard and get rewarded for their hard work are much more likely than men who aren’t to take advantage of their colleagues.

When a man is super happy, that’s not going to happen.

When the result is a paycheck, that can’t happen.

It’s just not going be happening.


Happy girls are not overly ambitious.

I’m always shocked to hear that the average woman wants to work harder than a man.

The truth is, women tend to be more ambitious than men.

It may seem counterintuitive, but women tend toward an ambition level that’s higher than men’s.

If a woman is determined to make it big in the world and she has the energy to do so, she’s likely to be ambitious.

If she’s a little bit more reserved and reserved, she may want to keep her ambition low and wait for her partner to take her on. 5.

Happy guys aren’t afraid of responsibility.

I know what you’re thinking.

How can a man be so happy when he’s not afraid to take on responsibility?

When a guy is confident and happy, he’s happy.

Happy is the new normal.

Happy means you’re getting a little more done, not getting bored or having to do something to get done.

When men aren’t confident and the same goes for women, it’s a sign that they need to take control of their own destiny.


Happy boys are not afraid of failure.

In the book, The Biggest Secret: How to Achieve Success Through Emotionally Strong Women, I found a list of six myths that lead men to feel afraid of failing.

There’s the myth that women are more accepting of failure, while men are more stubborn.

When you think about it, women want to feel validated and rewarded for everything they do.

If you feel like your achievement is a fluke, you might not be as confident as you want to be.

And if you feel as if your achievements are a flub, it could mean you’ve got some work to do before you get the credit you deserve.


Happy kids are not needy.

Happy children aren’t needy.

When we think of kids who are needy, we often think of a person who is over-parenting.

We’re often not thinking of a child who needs the same amount of love and attention as the parent who’s giving him or her.

A good example of a good parent is a father who loves his son and will do everything in his power to help him be the best he can be.

A bad parent is one who’s not the best, but wants the best for his child.


Happy friends are not too worried about being noticed.

In The Bigger Picture: How Success and Fear Can Make Us Happier and More Successful by Dan Savage, author of The Lean Startup, he points out that if we were truly worried about not being noticed, we’d be happier.

If we want to have the same level of success as someone who has more success, we have to be confident and do what’s right for us.

If our friends are having the time of their lives, we’ll probably enjoy it more.

So if you’re having fun with your friends and you’re feeling really happy, there’s nothing wrong with it.

If the thought of being seen or having people looking at you makes you anxious, try to remember that we’re all human and you can’t control what people see.


Happy families are not the same as happy work.

When people talk about having a “happy family” it’s usually a positive thing,