What is the best way to keep your hair dry?

With more than 70 per cent of Australians reporting having washed their hair less than once a week, the importance of keeping your hair and scalp dry can often go unnoticed.

But there’s a more important reason for hair dryness.

The world of styling has changed, according to dermatologist Dr John Smith from the University of Melbourne.

Dr Smith said styling and styling products, such as shampoo, conditioner, conditioners and conditioners-based products-and even products that can’t be washed-could be responsible for more hair loss than regular washing.

“In the last few years, a lot of hair loss has been associated with styling and products, and now we’ve got a new trend of hair removal,” Dr Smith said.

“It’s a new concept and we’ve all got to learn to live with that.”

It may not be as glamorous as washing, but it is definitely a lot less messy than a regular shampoo.

“Dr Smith also said there were other factors to consider such as the type of hair you have and the condition of your scalp.”

I think the biggest problem for people is the type and length of hair they have, as well as the amount of time they have been washing it,” Dr Adamson said.”

If you’ve got dry hair and you’re wearing a hairshirt and it doesn’t get dry after you get it washed, you’re going to need a little bit of product to get it wetter.

“The other thing is whether or not you’re using a conditioner-based product-there are some things that can help to make your hair look fuller.”

Dr Adamson recommends people take extra care when they are out and about.

“Some people are sensitive to certain products, so they might not want to be out and do a lot with their hair,” he said.

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