Which fighter is the best of all time?

Reddit boxing, a video game where players fight one another in real-time, is a popular pastime for many online.

But is it the best?

Well, here’s a look at the top 10 fighters from the game, which was released last month.1.

Tyson Fury (WBO, 27-1-1, 28 KO)Tyson Fury is one of the most controversial fighters of all-time.

He is one-time world heavyweight champion and one-half of the super-heavyweight division.

But his career was cut short by an ACL injury in 2011 and a fractured rib in 2016.

He has since had a number of successful comeback fights, but in his return to action in December of 2017, he lost his third straight fight, and was knocked out in the fourth round by Mike Alvarado.

But Fury has been back in the ring since.

He went on to win the WBO heavyweight title in November of 2018, and has been on a tear since then.

His next bout will be against Saul Alvarez in September.2.

Amir Khan (WBA, 22-1)The WBA heavyweight title is the most prestigious of the heavyweight division.

Khan, who is from Pakistan, has never won the title.

But he has a strong record in the sport, and he was the first boxer in the history of boxing to defeat Andre Ward in the second round.

Khan is currently ranked #7 in the world, and is one fight away from becoming the first man to hold the title four times.3.

Amir Rashid (WBC, 23-0)The World Boxing Association (WMA) heavyweight title belongs to Ali Bagautinov, who won it back in December 2017.

Rashid is a Russian-born fighter who has been a major star in Russia since he moved to the country to fight for the WBA title.

He lost his first two fights in the WBC title fight, but came back in June and took the belt from Alexander Povetkin in the final round.

Rashad has won five straight fights, and could be a contender in his next fight against Ruslan Provodnikov.4.

Danny Garcia (WEC, 24-0, 11 KO)Danny Garcia, one of boxing’s most exciting fighters of the past decade, has been one of many exciting fighters in the past few years.

Garcia has won four straight fights by knockout, but has been knocked out three times.

Garcia, who has fought two of the four best heavyweight fighters in history, will be a major contender for the heavyweight title next season.5.

Carl Froch (WSOF, 24.5-3, 17 KO)One of boxing and MMA’s biggest names of the late 2000s, Carl Frooch has been in the twilight of his career.

Froch is the current WBO welterweight champion and has won seven of his last eight fights.

He’s been a top-10 fighter in the fight game and a contender for many years.

He fought his last fight in September of 2018.6.

Amir Sadollah (WADA, 17-2)Another major name in the boxing world, Amir Sadariat has been the WADA’s first welter apron champion.

Sadollah, who came into the sport in 2005, won the WEC title and was ranked #1 in the country.

He knocked out his last three opponents before getting knocked out by Mikey Garcia in November.

Sadariat is currently on a run of five straight wins, and will face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in 2018.7.

Danny Jacobs (WWE, 23.2-4, 14 KO)The most famous of all American wrestlers, Danny Jacobs, has had a career that spans over 25 years.

Jacobs is one half of the New York Jets and has fought in the NFL for the past 15 years.

The New York Giants have been his home since 1996, when he won a championship.

Jacobs has been through many ups and downs, but he’s had a strong run of success in the last 10 years.

His last fight was against Joe Silva in February of 2018 and Jacobs won by decision.8.

Tyson Griffin (WBUF, 20-2, 7 KO)Former UFC heavyweight champion Tyson Griffin has been consistently dominating the heavyweight ranks since his arrival to the UFC.

Griffin has dominated most of the elite fighters in his division, and recently he defeated Johny Hendricks.

He had a win over Alexander Gustafsson in June 2018.9.

James Toney (WMBF, 18-1)-James Toney has been successful in MMA for many different reasons.

He was one of several heavyweight stars in the 1980s and early 1990s, but his career went on for many more years.

In fact, Toney had a very successful career in the US, but it was stopped when he was 29 years old.

Toney won a number, including a belt in 1989.

Terence Crawford was

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