A white box that pandoras boxes have been found in (not) the same area that a box of white boxes have also been found.

The first of a series of white box discoveries in the same neighbourhood was made by a member of the public, according to ABC News.

“This white box was found by a neighbour who thought it was a white box,” Dr Peter Loh, the director of the Queensland Museum and Research Centre, said.

“We’ve just come across it on the road from the Brisbane Zoo.”

The discovery was made on the footpath between the South Hills and St John’s Avenue.

“It was on the path where the old tram stop used to be,” Dr Loh said.”(The white box) was found to be very much like the old ones, and that’s the reason we thought it might be a white, black or a brown box.”

“We were very keen to find out what was in it.”

Dr Loh says the white box is likely to be a cardboard box.

“The colour is probably something that we haven’t seen before in the area,” he said.

It was discovered by a resident on the St John Street path.

The box is made of cardboard, plastic or metal, and is wrapped in plastic.

“Its a white plastic box,” he explained.

“You could just put it on your doorstep and it’s a very easy, quick way to find what you’re looking for.”

He says the discovery was an interesting one for the public to see.

“There’s no evidence that it’s the same box as the white boxes found in the previous area, but we’re very pleased to have found it,” Dr Poulton said.

The white boxes are known to have been collected from nearby farms.

“I think we have to do a lot more research before we can be sure what’s in there,” Dr Phil Poulson said.

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