‘Sons of Anarchy’ star Jaden Smith on his role as ‘Gotham’ villain, ‘The Killing Fields’

Jaden is a master at acting in his role of The Joker, but he’s got plenty more tricks up his sleeve, and he’s already got a new one in the works.

The actor and actor-director is gearing up to make a full-length film based on the comics’ ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ and he revealed to EW that the project has been in the making for a while, and will likely be out in the next few months.

“I’m working on a project called The Killing Fields,” he said.

“That’s about the only comic book thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve never really done anything like that before.

I’m just really excited to do that.”

Smith has been working on the project for a few years now, and we’ve seen a few of his earlier Batman projects, but this is his first full-fledged project.

It will take place in Gotham City, after the events of ‘The Joker Returns,’ which he starred in as The Joker in ‘The New Batman Adventures.’

In order to be more faithful to the comic, the film will feature a number of different versions of the character, including a different Joker, a more sinister version, and a completely different origin story.

“He’s going to have his own journey, which is really interesting,” Smith said of the Joker’s origin story, “and that will play into the story.”

The Killing Field will feature “a new character who’s going through that process,” Smith added.

“She’s a new character.

So we’re going to play that character through a lot of different different aspects, from the story, to the characters, to how they’re portrayed, and all of that, all in a new way.

We’re going for a lot more in terms of the narrative that we can tell.”

The film will also feature a large cast, with actors including Emily Blunt, Michael Shannon, J.K. Simmons, Will Arnett, Sarah Paulson, Jason Bateman, Adam Baldwin, Aaron Paul, and more.

The movie is expected to open in 2018.

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