What you need to know about the Beauty Boxes

Here are some important points to know before you subscribe to a beauty subscription box.

Beauty subscription boxes will be available for a period of six months after which time they will no longer be available to buy.

You will need to go to your account details to claim your beauty box.

A full list of subscription boxes is available on the site, with more on sale at the moment.

All subscription boxes must be used within the six-month period.

All beauty subscription products will be free of charge.

You cannot buy products at the shop for free.

The only items you can buy are products you purchase with your subscription, or with a Beauty Box.

If you have not yet been charged for a subscription, you will need your credit card details to complete your subscription.

Beauty box offers have a 3-month exclusivity period The beauty subscription service will continue for three months after the subscription period ends.

If the beauty subscription period is over, the box will be removed from the shop and will not be available.

If a subscription is already active, then the box cannot be cancelled, but can be re-subscribed.

Subscription fees will be based on the subscription price You will not have to pay any extra for a beauty box The beauty box will continue to be available at the same price for as long as you use the beauty box in its entirety, no matter what time of the year.

The beauty boxes will still be available until December 31, 2020, or until the end of the 6-month subscription period, whichever comes first.

If your subscription period runs longer than six months, you may be able to cancel your subscription in accordance with the terms of your existing agreement.

If this is the case, the beauty boxes subscription period will end on the date that is three months from the date of the renewal.

The subscription period of the BeautyBox will be capped at three months The BeautyBox subscription boxes are not available for use with any other beauty products and can only be used with the Beautybox.

The Beauty Box has a one-year exclusivity to ensure that no other subscription service offers are available.

You can cancel your Beauty Box subscription at any time.

The box will not re-open for any other subscription services If you want to cancel a subscription without having to re-apply for it, you must contact the Beauty box by email.

Beauty Box is not for sale The Beauty box is not a product.

The site is not available to order the box, or to subscribe to any other cosmetics or beauty subscription services.

BeautyBox is available only on the website, not in shops, and there are no other ways of purchasing the box.

If in doubt about whether or not you are eligible for a BeautyBox, call the BeautyBOX team on +39 02 914 5100.

There is no return policy If you are unhappy with a product you receive, you can cancel it within three days of receiving it, but it will be returned to you.

The product will then be eligible for another BeautyBox.

However, you cannot return the product to BeautyBox after that period.

If BeautyBox does not provide a refund for a product, BeautyBox may not be able re-sell the product for a fee or credit to your bank account, and BeautyBox’s account number will be held in a database for 12 months.

If, after six months of not receiving a Beautybox, you still want to receive a product and would like to return it, Beauty Box will contact you.

You may be entitled to a refund within three months of receiving the Beauty, but the Beauty will not replace the product.

This can only happen if you receive a Beauty in return.

If there is no way to receive the Beauty in this way, Beautybox will refund the difference in value, and your payment will be credited to your Beauty account within three business days of the date on which the refund was sent.

You must contact BeautyBox in order to request a refund If you would like a refund of your Beauty box, you need your name, email address and the box’s serial number.

If it is a Beauty box you have purchased from BeautyBox and is not in stock, BeautyBOX will send you an email with the box details and a link to a redemption link for the product you have received.

Beautybox is not obliged to refund the purchase price The Beautybox box is for personal use only and is solely your responsibility.

You should not sell or distribute it.

Beauty boxes can be used to sell cosmetics and beauty products, but there is a risk that this may lead to cosmetics being used as bait for wildlife or insects.

In this case, you should contact the local authorities and take steps to protect your personal property, such as securing it in a suitable container.

The following are examples of cosmetics that can be purchased with a beauty Box: cosmetics with fragrance, colour, texture, or ingredients, including: face masks

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