What to do if you think you have a suspicious item in your home

When a police officer pulls you over, what should you do?

When you find out that your house is burglarized, how can you be sure your home isn’t being used to steal anything?

These are the questions raised by a recent survey that looked at people’s reactions to suspicious items in their homes.

What did the results reveal? 

In total, over 1,000 people took part in the survey, which was carried out by the University of Oxford.

It was carried over from a similar survey carried out earlier this year. 

In both studies, people were asked about the items that they had identified as suspicious, and how much they thought they should investigate.

The study by the Oxford team was the first to look at the prevalence of the items being reported by the public, which were not actually items that were actually stolen. 

It found that about half of the people surveyed reported seeing a suspicious object. 

But this figure was quite low, and was only slightly higher than in the previous survey, carried out in 2016. 

In the new study, the researchers analysed the responses of 4,838 people. 

It found that only one in five people reported having seen a suspiciously placed object in their home, with another third saying that they did not see any suspicious objects at all. 

The authors found that when they asked about suspicious items that had been left in their room, the majority of people had reported seeing the items and thought they were being used as evidence. 

But the report notes that there was no difference in how the people who saw a suspicious-looking object rated the object as being worth investigating, and when they had reported this to their police station. 

When it came to whether they were likely to see the item again, the survey found that nearly one in four people were likely, while nearly one-third were not. 

One of the main problems with the previous research is that it focused on the items reported to police by people who did not identify as suspicious. 

This research is based on a different set of people, the people whose responses to the survey were recorded.

This means that the results could be biased if the same people were used in both surveys. 

Researchers have previously been looking at whether there is a relationship between a person’s perception of a suspicious household item and whether they would be more likely to report it to the police, and they found that there is not.

This research may therefore offer clues about why some people report having seen suspicious items, while others don’t.

The survey also found that people with a higher level of education were more likely than those with a lower level of educational attainment to report having reported a suspicious activity to the authorities. 

There was also a link between people’s perceptions of the object being suspicious and the likelihood they would report the activity to police. 

“People who are more aware of the value of reporting suspicious items are more likely at that stage to report the object,” said Professor Andrew Smith, the lead author on the study. 

Professor Smith is a research fellow at the University’s Department of Criminology and Criminological Science and also the director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. 

He said: “This is a clear link between a sense of value attached to the item and its perceived likelihood of being reported as a suspicious behaviour.” 

The researchers said that they hoped their findings would be used to inform public awareness campaigns about the importance of reporting suspected burglaries to police, as well as encouraging people to report suspicious activity on a regular basis.

They added: “The importance of this study is that, when it comes to the use of social media, we now have the opportunity to help reduce the risk of crime.

It is vital that we all do our bit to reduce the number of reports of suspected burglars, and we need to do that by reporting suspicious behaviour in a more transparent, objective and objective way.”

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