How to make a box turtle hat with all the necessary materials

Posted September 20, 2018 09:53:53The box turtle is one of my favourite turtles, it’s my favourite animal to crochet, and it has so many different designs, it can easily be made with a variety of materials.

Here are a few of the things you will need to make your own box turtle.1.

A large crochet hook, about a metre long, that’s about 10 inches long2.

A crochet hook or two, about 5 inches long, a little smaller than the tip of the hook, so you can use it to tie the hat together3.

Small flat-topped scissors (or a pair)4.

A ruler5.

A small sewing needle6.

A pair of scissors7.

A sharpie8.

A tape measure9.

A little thread and a needle10.

A sewing machineTo make your box turtle, cut out a rectangular box and tie the ends together with twine.

Make sure you don’t cut any pieces off the inside of the box, as this will make it impossible to sew the hat back together.

The hat can then be tied onto your head and you can remove it.

To make the box turtle’s hat, you’ll need to cut the box out of a square, then cut out two circles on the opposite sides of the square.

This will give you a hat that can be tied on either side of the hat, to help it stay in place when you don the hat and when you put it back on.

You’ll also need to sew your hat back on to your head, using a small needle, thread and scissors.

To do this, you need to take a piece of tape and thread it through the hole at the back of the shell, then tie it securely.

You can also use a pair of twine to tie it onto the back and back, to keep it in place.

Make sure you sew the inside, inside and outside of the turtle securely.

When it comes to tying the hat on, the turtle will usually stay on the back until you are ready to sew it onto your body, or when you’re ready to put it on, and then move it back into place.

To help with this, make sure your crochet hook is about 10cm long and the hat is about 5cm long.

Once you’ve sewn your turtle onto your torso, you can put the hat to go on and put it onto its back.

Take a pair a scissors and a bit of thread and tie it into place, and you’ll be able to put the turtle back on your head.

When you’re finished with your box, take the turtle to your local vet for a check-up, or maybe even give it a bit more time to get used to the new shell.

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