Why the fuse box might be the most important gadget in the world

There are hundreds of gadgets that you can use to charge your smartphone, but the fusebox might be your most important one.

In fact, that’s what the gadget company Pebbles, which is now owned by Apple, says it’s working on.

The company announced this week that it’s partnering with a leading US utility, Edison, to develop an “electronic fusebox” that can be plugged into your smartphone.

The device is part of a wider effort to make the plug and socket more accessible and easier to use for people who need to charge their phones.

Pebble’s chief executive, Nick Wood, said he hopes the device will replace a lot of the cords that come with smartphones and laptops, and will eventually be integrated into everyday items like phones, cameras, and smartwatches.

“When I started to look at the world, I wanted to build a product that was easier to connect to,” Wood said in an interview.

“I wanted to have the device in the pocket.”

The fusebox, which will be priced at $60, will allow people to plug their phones into the device and then plug in a charging pad.

Once the charger is plugged in, the device sends power back to the phone via USB.

The new device is designed to work with any device that can charge via USB, but also is designed with the potential to work on a smaller, lower-power device, like a laptop or a laptop with a small power pack.

The fuse box is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2019, with more details about the device to be revealed later this year.

Pebbles will use the money from the deal to invest in hardware development and expand the company’s product line.

“Our goal is to build more product to meet the needs of our customers, which we believe is a key driver for the growth of the company,” Wood told Bloomberg.

“We’re excited about the opportunities that we see to build on our existing business and accelerate our future product development.”

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