Watch as ‘Shadow Box’ transforms into a ‘Puzzle Box’ for Pokemon GO!

By Josh Images The newest addition to the Pokémon GO family is a puzzle box, and it’s a blast to use.

The new Puzzle Box is the brainchild of former Nintendo executive John Koller, and is being released today on the App Store.

It’s called Puzzle Box, and the game is the latest in a series of Pokémon GO-inspired puzzle games to hit the App store in the past few months.

The game is designed to make it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to worry about looking up an answer.

Here’s a closer look at Puzzle Box.

It comes in three flavors: Puzzle Box (puzzle) box, Puzzle Box 2 (Puzzle), and Puzzle Box 3 (Puzzler).

Puzzle box 1, from left to right, has a screen that allows you to see where the puzzle is and how to solve it.

You can use this feature to see what puzzle box is on your screen and what it contains.

Puzzle Box 4 has a small screen with an image of a puzzle that lets you see where it is and whether it’s open or closed.

Puzzle box 5 is the “Puzzlebox” version of Puzzle Box and features a screen and text that can be used to search for what you need to find.

Piece of PuzzleBox puzzle box.

Here’s an example of Puzzlebox 4’s Puzzlebox text: The Puzzlebox is a box that will allow you to search all of the puzzle boxes in the world.

The Puzzlebox Box can contain a number of different types of puzzles that can range from simple to difficult to collect.

The amount of puzzle pieces can vary depending on the game, but the average puzzle pieces per puzzle box in the game are: 20 (1 puzzle) puzzle boxes, 3 (3 puzzle) puzzles per puzzle Box 4, on the other hand, has only three puzzle boxes per puzzle.

PuzzleBox is also available on the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and Google Play.

The game itself plays with the basic rules of the Puzzle Box Puzzle, with pieces randomly appearing on the screen and you trying to find a way to solve each one before it disappears.

You need to play the game with one eye on the puzzle box and one eye at the next puzzle box to complete it.

Puzzle boxes can be rotated, rotated 180 degrees, and flipped.

You’ll also have to hold down the “X” button on the controller to rotate a box, as well as tapping on a puzzle for it to disappear.

There are five different puzzles in PuzzleBox: 3 simple, 2 complex, and 4 difficult.

Each puzzle box has two types of pieces, which can be swapped for each puzzle.

The game also has a “score” bar at the top of the screen, which tells you how much of a chance you’re having of finding a certain puzzle.

The bar goes from red to yellow to green to blue and up to purple.

It changes to blue whenever you’ve found a puzzle piece that’s at least as difficult as a previous puzzle piece.

The more difficult the puzzle piece, the higher the score is.

Puzzle puzzles are also rated on how much you’ve beaten them, and you can earn rewards like new gym badges, new items, and more.

Here are some other highlights of Puzzle, PuzzleBox, and PuzzleBox.

The only catch is that PuzzleBox can only be played in your local area.

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