Why Elite Trainer Box will be a big deal for you

If you want to give your pet a treat for its birthday or retirement, you might want to consider an Elite Trainer box.

The boxes feature an automated system that gives treats to any pet that asks for one.

If you do choose to buy one, the box will come with a personalized card with your pet’s picture.

We asked the manufacturer to share some details on the boxes, which you can find below. 

Elite Trainer boxes will be available starting in 2018 for $249.99.

The box features a built-in digital camera that can capture video of your pet. 

It will also feature a pet card that features a picture of your furry friend, and a cute drawing of your dog or cat. 

You’ll also get a card that includes an address to the pet’s home. 

The company said the box is ideal for people who don’t want to take the time to pick up treats for their pets. 

“A pet box is a great way to have a pet on a whim without having to bring them to the vet.

And because it is an automated process, it can be kept on your doorstep in an empty crate or on a shelf,” said company CEO and founder Eric Burchill.

“There is no need to buy a new pet box and have it shipped to you.” 

If you do decide to buy an Elite Training Box, you’ll be able to customize it to your pet, according to the company.

Burchisaid the box’s custom design will help pets find the treats they need and also prevent your pet from getting bored and leaving. 

Burchill said the boxes are also meant to be a fun way for parents to take their pets on outings.

“The boxes come with stickers, which are cute and can help children and adults alike find the pet they need,” he said.

“You can put them on the box, or put them in the box with a note on it to let them know what they’re in for.”

The company says it is currently testing boxes for consumers and pets in the United States.

You can learn more about the box by clicking here.

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