Trump: ‘We are not going to be a party’

A new national poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows that the president is losing support.

According to the poll, the president’s approval rating stands at just 29 percent, down from 40 percent in March.

A majority of Americans also believe the economy is not working out, with 44 percent of respondents saying they believe it is, and just 36 percent saying they don’t.

This is despite Trump’s claims that the economy was doing “great” before the election.

A record 60 percent of voters said the economy should be good, with 39 percent saying it was fine, and 27 percent saying that it was bad.

“It’s a disaster.

The country is going in the wrong direction,” said one Republican pollster, who asked not to be named.

A plurality of voters think Trump’s administration is incompetent, with 38 percent saying so, and 24 percent saying the administration is good.

“This is not the president I thought I was going to see when I got elected.

This isn’t what I was expecting to see in the White House,” said the pollster.

And, he added, Trump is “not getting the respect he deserves” in the media.

A growing number of Americans, especially millennials, are rejecting the president.

The WSJ poll found that 56 percent of millennials say Trump should be impeached, compared to just 27 percent of those who were born after 1980.

Among Republicans, only 22 percent said Trump should go to impeachment.

And the WSJ survey found that 57 percent of white millennials, compared with just 28 percent of black millennials.

“People are saying, ‘We don’t want to see him impeached,’ ” the poller said.

“And I think that’s a reflection of what’s happening in this country.”

A majority also said that Trump’s response to the Charlottesville white supremacist rally should not have been considered a white supremacist event, compared for the first time in the poll.

Trump’s handling of Charlottesville was controversial and divisive, with many Americans expressing concern that he had failed to condemn white supremacists in a timely manner.

The president said he condemned the rally but then had a private meeting with white supremacists and KKK members, during which he apologized for not having done more to denounce them.

In addition to the president, many Americans believe Trump has taken a back seat to other priorities in the country, like the economy.

In the poll of 1,002 adults, 58 percent said the government has been doing too little to help Americans in the aftermath of the hurricane, while 32 percent said it had done too much.

The survey also found that Americans are more likely to believe that the Supreme Court will make a conservative ruling in the future, with 41 percent saying this, compared the 27 percent who said this in March and 16 percent who think it will be a liberal opinion.

And 58 percent say the economy and the military are doing well, compared just 17 percent who believe that.

Trump has also taken criticism from conservatives for not making a stronger push to protect the nation’s schools from the threats of the Islamic State, with a majority saying the president has not done enough to protect schools from this threat.

“The fact that he didn’t do anything at all to protect our schools, I think, speaks volumes,” said Charles Johnson, a Republican strategist and former aide to Jeb Bush.

“I think people are tired of this president.”

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