‘Logan’ and ‘X-Men’ sequel could take on a new ‘Birds of Prey’ spin: EW

“Logan” and “X-men” sequel “Birds Of Prey” is already one of the biggest-selling movies of the year, and if its box office performance continues to go up, that could change.

That’s according to Entertainment Weekly, who claims that “Bears of Preies” and the upcoming “Lucky Number Slevin” could have a bigger, “breath-taking” impact on audiences with a “breathtakingly bold” reboot.

The magazine also claims that Disney is in talks to adapt “Bats of Preying,” an adaptation of a popular novel from the late 1930s that imagines a world in which “predators and humans have coexisted peacefully in harmony since the dawn of time.”

Both of these films have been on the rise in recent months, with “Bangs” already hitting $1.7 billion worldwide.

“Bets” also has a major lead role in the upcoming Disney film “Beauty and the Beast,” which will be released July 21, 2018.

Read more: ‘X’ fans, ‘Lion King’ and other movies you need to know about on EW Now WATCH: ‘Lions of Tomorrow’ Star Henry Cavill Talks ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and More in ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer Here’s more about the upcoming films: “Bells of Preys” is set in the 1920s, and is set to be a major-market film, while “Lion Kings” follows the lives of two of the most beloved children in the Disney canon.

“The Last Kiss,” a sequel to the hit animated “The Lion King,” is slated to open June 21.

“Lions Of Tomorrow” stars Tom Hiddleston as a young boy who discovers that his family is the target of a group of thieves.

And “Dumbo,” based on a Disney comic series, follows the adventures of a diminutive wizard who travels the world.

It’s unclear which of the three films will open on July 21.

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