Which box truck is the best for a Mystery tackle box?

The Sport Bibles have the answers!

This article covers the best Mystery tackle boxes for all your Mystery tackle needs, including the best of the best.

If you need a Mystery truck for your next challenge, check out the list below.


The M-10 Mystery Truck Mystery tackle trucks are a popular part of the Mystery Truck scene.

Many people like to add them to their collection and will pay a premium for the privilege.

If your Mystery truck is a favorite among Mystery tackle truck owners, we’ve got you covered!


The J-10 J-100 The J, J-80 and J-70 are all popular Mystery trucks.

They’re well-known for their large trucks, good off-road capabilities, and excellent off-roading abilities.

If yours is a classic model with a classic interior, these will likely not disappoint.


The K-100K A little more of a hybrid, these trucks are also popular with Mystery tackle crew members.

They have a small engine, but they’re great off-Roaders with plenty of power and torque.


The G-100G G-80, G-70 and G-90 are also known for their off-roads prowess.

These trucks are designed for off-rockers, so if you’re looking for a solid off- road truck, these should work great for you.


The B-100B B-80B, B-70B and B-90B are all well-rounded off- Roaders with good off road capabilities.


The F-100F F-80F, F-70F and F-90F are also well-built off- roadsers with excellent off road performance.

They are not very versatile off-ramps, but you can always get a new off-route truck.


The C-100C C-90C and C-50C are also good offroaders, but are not all that great off roaders.

They can handle some off-track challenges, but don’t expect the best off- trail capabilities.


The T-100T T-90T and T-60T T 60T are also great offroad trucks.


The R-100R R-60R and R-50R are both well-designed off-trailers.


The L-100L L-80L and L-70L are both good off trailers.


The A-100A A-60A and A-40A are also solid off trail trucks.


The H-100H H-70H and H-80H are also both well designed off- Trailers.


The V-100V V-50V and V-80V are both great off trail vehicles.


The D-100D D-80D and D-70D are both solid off road vehicles.


The S-100S S-50S and S-80S are both excellent off trail options.


The U-100U U-70U and U-80U are both fantastic off-Trailers, especially when paired with a reliable off-Route truck.


The E-100E E-60E and E-70E are also excellent off Trailers with a great off Trailer.


The X-100X X-70X and X-80X are also very good off Trailers with great off Trailer.


The Y-100Y Y-70Y and Y-80Y are also reliable off Trail, but can be a little on the pricey side.


The Z-100Z Z-80Z are both very good on-Trailer off- Trails, but will be a bit pricey.


The I-100I I-70I and I-80I are both superb off- Trailers with great Off-Trailers.


The N-100N N-70N and N-80N are also terrific Off-trailers with a good Off- Trailer, but have a tendency to get expensive.


The W-100W W-70W and W-80W are both extremely good Off Trailer trucks, but aren’t cheap off Trailers.


The P-100P P-80P and P-90P P 80P are also superb Off- Trail Trailers, but cost a bit more.


The O-100O O-70O and O-80O O 80O are both terrific off-Trucks with good Off Track, but not as reliable as Off-Road Trucks.


The Q-100Q Q-70Q and Q-80Q Q 80Q are also outstanding Off Trailers that will keep your Off-Tracks running smoothly.

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